The last few years i recently migrated to using Roots Bedrock to bootstrap new wordpress developments. It provides a host of extra features that makes wordpress half decent to work with, such as Composer support, ENV variables, ENV specific config, better directory structure etc. I suggest checking it out if you haven’t already.

Anyway, since I mostly focus on Magento development. My goto local dev environment is Warden which does support standard Wordpress out the box, along with a few other PHP frameworks. Although there is a tiny bit of undocumented configuration to get Bedrock working properly.


Since bedrock has changed up the directory structure, we now only expose the web subfolder to the web. So we need to update the nginx root parameter to reflect this. This can be done by creating a .warden/warden-env.yml in your project root (where your warden .env file is located). And adding the following content, followed by reloading the environment with warden env up

version: "3.5"
      - NGINX_ROOT=/var/www/html/web

Last you need to merge/update the warden .env file to contain the roots variables. Annoyingly, bedrock & warden use some ENV variables with the same name. Luckily its not a major issue since the DB configuration needs to be the same within bedrock & warden anyway. Although, bedrock uses slightly different names for the DB user and DB Schema names, so we have to redeclare those. The minimum I’ve found to get bedrock working is appending the following below.

# Bedrock